Whispering Resort Pvt. Ltd. started with buying a property in Goa. Today, Whispering Palms Goa is a flourishing hotel with 106 rooms and an extremely high repeat customer base of 35%. The hotel was upgraded from 3-Star to 4-Star plus. The additional rooms were made by acquiring adjacent land. It is still in the process to acquire other adjacent land to match the high customer demand. Whispering Palms Goa has become one of the most popular properties of North Goa under the leadership of its owner, Mr. Puneet Bagrodia. Three years ago, the company decided to expand its hotel business. WRPL has acquired various properties and land all around India. Its newest property opened on March 17th 2010 in Jaipur inside a mall complex in the industrial area of Vidhyadharnagar.

Whispering Resort Pvt. Ltd. embodies a young, modern and fun experience for its clients. We differentiate our brand, not by sticking to a segment, but by the experience. Our hotels will range from a beach vacation property, to a 4-star business hotel, to a 3-Star hotel, where restaurants and nightclubs are the profit generators, to a 5-Star Deluxe casino-driven hotel up in the Himalayas. Throughout all the properties, we will maintain our motto, "Where you matter". All hotels will be full-serviced regardless of the Star rating.

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